(The) Black Hand Gang

Album: The Black Hand Gang Rides Again (2013)

Song: Chased By Dinosaurs

Bitrate: 128kbps

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(The) Black Hand Gang is a four piece rock band from Bucks County, PA consisting of Casey Dougherty (bass and vocals), Marc Jaffee (guitar, keyboards and vocals) and brothers Branko (guitar and vocals) and Bogi Trifunovic (drums).

(long version)
So basically there was this guy named Mike, and he went up to this girl Dee and he was like "Wanna have a baby?" and she was like "Hell yeah!" and that kid grew up to be Branko Trifunovic, the Serbian Slayer of Sal's Soda Shop. So then after that one was born Mike was like "Wanna have another?" and Dee was like "No way, freak!". So they had one anyway and bing bang boom, out popped Bogi, the Dead
ly Drummer of Dan's Danish Shop. Then one day they went to a karate class and there was this kid there yelling the whole time and Branko was like "I aint never gonna talk to that kid." That kid was Casey Dougherty, the Badass Bass Player of Bob's Auto-Shop, and the two are now best friends. At first Bogi didn't like Casey but they grew to love each other through a gentle process known as "The Magnet Theory" (look it up on "www.isitchristmas.com"). Casey was playing bass down at the Bucks County School of Rock so Branko was all like "Eh, might as well join him." so he started playing guitar and it was frickin' horrible. Then, after threatening him with bookmarks and golf clubs, Branko convinced Bogi to join their band as a drummer. At first, the only good one was Casey, but Branko and Bogi eventually caught up to him with determination, hard work, and a lot of bacon grease. Then, they realized they couldn't live up to the other bands with only 3 members like Rush, Muse, Primus, and Gogol Bordello so they decided to add another member who would hopefully give them backrubs and dog treats. After a lot of consideration, crying, and fetal positions, they decided on adding Marc Jaffee, the Marvelous Music Man of Mark's Table Shop. The four are the best of pals and they travel around Middle Earth in their free time, slaying orcs and playing Chutes and Ladders. Though they may be young, they are all very talented and constantly impress their parents, teachers, and alleged sex offenders with their musical prowess and skill. The four currently reside on Mount Olympus, except for Bogi who prefers to sleep at various Greyhound bus stops. If you'd like to see a schedule of Bogi's future stops and paths, visit "www.bringvictory.com". This has been a Mark Wahlberg presentation. And no, we do not validate parking.